Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sea Thrift

On a lighter note - when I went for my run along the coastal path I was very excited to see the Sea Thrift in flower. Obviously being a coastal monkey this has to be my favourite flower - it sets the cliffs alive with colour and texture! It reminds me of the connection of land and sea - living on the edge of both. Surely, the best place to be!

Taken from: http://naturehills.com/images/productimages/seathrift_armadarose_big.jpg

I've just been told about this poem whiich mentions "Sea Pink" aka Sea Thrift.
by John Betjeman
I know so well this turfy mile,
These clumps of sea-pink withered brown,
The breezy cliff, the awkward stile,
The sandy path that takes me down.

To crackling layers of broken slate
Where black and flat sea-woodlice crawl
And isolated rock pools wait
Wash from the highest tides of all.

I know the roughly blasted track
That skirts a small and smelly bay
And over squelching bladderwrack
Leads to the beach at Greenaway.

Down on the shingle safe at last
I hear the slowly dragging roar
As mighty rollers mount to cast
Small coal and seaweed on the shore,

And spurting far as it can reach
The shooting surf comes hissing round
To heave a line along the beach
Of cowries waiting to be found.

Tide after tide by night and day
The breakers battle with the land
And rounded smooth along the bay
The faithful rocks protecting stand.

But in a dream the other night
I saw this coastline from the sea
And felt the breakers plunging white
Their weight of waters over me.

There were the stile, the turf, the shore,
The safety line of shingle beach
With every stroke I struck the more
The backwash sucked me out of reach.

Back into what a water-world
Of waving weed and waiting claws?
Of writhing tentacles uncurled
To drag me to what dreadful jaws?

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